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BS 10125:2022 Automotive Services - Specification for vehicle damage repair processes


Formerly PAS 125, BS10125 is the industry agreed technical specification for the process of vehicle body repair. It provides body-shops with the processes and procedures directly related to the safe repair of accident damaged vehicles.
BS10125 details minimum requirements for competent personnel, appropriate and well maintained equipment, suitable repair methods and the quality of repair materials. 

Introduced in 2007, the content was considered by most to be a step in the right direction for the industry but unfortunately the original document could only be described as an advert of self promotion. This coupled with the insistence of some work providers to make their repairers take a singular 'voluntary' and very expensive route of certification created more than some animosity within the industry. In 2011 the updated version saw the removal of said advertising and many businesses then started to question the need and cost of a specific type of certification as have thankfully, many of the work providers. BSI  replacing PAS 125 with a full blown standard in 2014.

The Standard has been reviewed and in 2022 an update was released which reflect the additional requirements needed to repair newer technology vehicels such as hybrid, full electric and hydrogen including identification of risks prior to commencement of the repairs. 

Who is it relevant to?

Any business involved in the repair of accident damaged passenger and light commercial vehicles. As with its predecessor, BS10125 does not cover motorcycles, 3 wheeled vehicles or vehicles over 5 tonnes GVW. It also excludes windscreen repair undertaken as a separate activity, for which there is a separate code of practice. Businesses who conduct activities beyond the scope of BS10125 may also benefit from combining the specification with ISO 9001, Quality Management System.

We quickly establish the process activities and produce a documented BS10125 system specific to the business including a tailored manual, process procedures and additional forms as necessary. As stated above, BS10125 can also be combined with ISO 9001 if required and this can be especially benefitial if the business provides services beyond the coverage of the specification.

As there is particular emphasis on operatives skill levels and minimum requirements all relevant training needs will be identified. Completion of appropriate courses will ensure all staff are competent in their roles and the organisation has the ability to maintain and improve the system.

Facilities and equipment will be reviewed in line with requirements.

A full system audit is conducted prior to any 3rd party inspection or certification assessment to ensure the system is fully compliant with the requirements of BS10125.


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