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PAS 43:2018 Safe Working of Vehicle Breakdown, Recovery and Removal operations



The Survive Group (Safe Use of Roadside Verges in Vehicular Emergencies) was created by firms in the UK vehicle breakdown recovery industry in 1998 after the events following up to the deaths of six roadside operators working with car breakdowns.

Sponsored by SURVIVE, PAS 43 is the publicly available management system specification for the safe working of vehicle breakdown and recovery operations. PAS 43 requires a strong emphasis in relation to Health & Safety, operator training and specification of equipment.

PAS 43 can also be combined with ISO 9001 and the Highways Authority Sector Schemes 17/17B.


Who is it relevant to?

Any organisation which is solely or in part involved in vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations.

We quickly establish the process activities and produce a documented PAS 43 system specific to the business including a tailored manual, process procedures, risk assessments and additional forms as necessary. As stated above, PAS 43 can also be combined with ISO 9001 and/or NHSS 17/17B if required.

Appropriate training will be identified and provided to ensure all staff are competent in their roles and the organisation has the ability to maintain and improve the system.

Vehicles and equipment will be reviewed in line with requirements.

A full system audit is conducted prior to any 3rd party inspection or certification assessment to ensure the system is fully compliant with the requirements of the current PAS 43 specification.


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