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PAS 80:2005 Automotive Garage Services, service and repair of vehicles



PAS 80 is a specification which defines customer service requirements and technical standards for garage services (including fast-fit outlets) involving the service and repair of automotive vehicles.

This Publicly Available Specification was developed by a consortium of automotive organisations including vehicle manufacurers, leasing companies, national servicing and repair outlets and trade associations in consultation with consumer groups such as 'Which' and other industry specialists including the RAC. This lead to the publication of the document in 2005. The Specification was withdrawn by BSI in October 2011 the benefit of which is that once inspected and certificated your documented system will only require amendment to meet your enhancements to your system and not to meet the requirements of any further update by BSI.


Who is it relevant to?

Any business involved in the service or repair of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4.25 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The scheme does not cover the repair or servicing of public service vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles or heavy goods vehicles nor does it cover MOT activities. It does however cover subsequent repairs identifed during an MOT for the relevant categories of vehicle. Businesses who conduct activities beyond the scope of PAS 80 may also benefit from combining the specification with ISO 9001, Quality Management System.

We quickly establish the process activities and produce a documented PAS 80 system specific to the business including a tailored manual, process procedures and additional forms as necessary. As stated above, PAS 80 can also be combined with ISO 9001 if required and this can be especially benefitial if the business provides services beyond the coverage of PAS 80.

Appropriate training will be identified and provided to ensure all staff are competent in their roles and the organisation has the ability to maintain and improve the system.

Facilities and equipment will be reviewed in line with requirements.

A full system audit is conducted prior to any 3rd party inspection or certification assessment to ensure the system is fully compliant with the requirements of the current PAS 80 specification.


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